2 BHK Home

The real estate sector has witnessed a massive transformation in recent times. The COVID-19 pandemic made many people sense the need for bigger homes. Families having more members and/or pets too were especially affected by this unexpected scenario. Residences like 2BHK home have been in great demand, especially among people who have pets and may have to work from home for long.

1 & 2 BHK flats in Mohammadwadi have evoked heartening response from homebuyers keen on buying new property during the pandemic. A host of factors have stimulated demand for providing adequate space to their pets.

If you have a pet and are likely to spend more time working from home, it’s advisable to ensure that your home is pet-friendly. Follow the tips given below to make your loving pet feel comfortable and have a space of its own:

Keep Your Home Clean

Pets like clean surroundings and deserve it. Take the effort to keep your home spic and span so your pet is cosy and not prone to diseases that unhygienic surroundings unleash. Make sure that the areas where they spend more time, such as their bedding and play area, are always fresh and clean. You must also make sure the pet’s litter tray is cleaned regularly and so are the containers they eat and drink from.

2 BHK Home

Place Fragile and Precious Articles High Up

Understandably, pets wouldn’t know that we humans use several items that are delicate and have to be handled with care. The best way to protect such exclusive articles is to simply tuck them in upper shelves and storage space that are out of their reach. You can also get interiors done accordingly and select suitable furniture pieces so you face no inconvenience either.


Be Very careful with Electricity Wires and Points

Pets are generally curious about objects around them. They like to feel things by smelling or touching them. Keeping electric appliances and wiring away from them is therefore very important so there’s no risk of them coming in contact with hazardous things, which can get unimaginable.

Use Darker Furnishing Shades

Opt for deeper hues of furnishings, fittings, fabrics and even colour of your walls if you really want to maintain your home. Doing so will save you the trouble of fixing the issues and spending your time, energy and money to tend to them as much of the damage they cause will go unnoticed.

2 BHK Home

Keep Pet Toys in Vacant Spots

Pets like to play with toys created specially for them. Placing their toys in areas designated for them keeps them engaged without any disruptions and more importantly, ensures their safety too.

Fit Barriers for Safety

At some point, you must have endured the unbearable fear of losing sight of your pet since it slipped away quietly. A door left open even for a fleeting moment is enough to make them scamper away gleefully, unaware of the dangers lurking outside. Having barricades and obstructions at the right spots can prevent such eventualities to a great extent, so don’t hesitate to set them up where they’re needed.


Choose Area with Sprawling Open Surroundings

Pets love open spaces where they can play, run and feel one with infinity. Having open spaces in the vicinity is sure to be a boon for them as it will provide a good space for them to be active and stay fit too.

2 BHK Home

If you are all set to move into your new home with your dear pet in tow, make sure you consider a residential complex like Neco Beaumont by renowned developers, Vasupujya Corporation in Pune.

Located at the well-known and prominent address of Mohammadwadi (NIBM Annexe), Neco Beaumont is designed to meet all your needs, and that of your pet. Counted among the finest and best homes in Pune, the apartments in this project offer expansive 1 and 2 BHK homes amidst vast green spaces along with luxurious amenities, bonus features and more. These homes are especially notable for the thoughtfully created personal space for every member in the family for work as well as for relaxation. These apartments, premises of the complex and the rolling green spaces would be great for your pet to be comfortable and happy.

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