Lights to decorate your 2 BHK Flat

Who wouldn’t want to dwell in a comfy, homey 2 BHK flat– the proverbial home sweet home you call your own? In the same vein, how about designing a home that makes you want to curl up, relax and feel far away from the maddening world?  Here are six hacks that will make onlookers regard you no less than an interior design expert.  So get set to transform your home into a tranquil and warm abode, that too without shelling out a fortune.

Mix and Match Home Décor Idea

When it comes to designing a cozy 2BHK flat, only bold and bright textures and paints or all-pervading cool tones don’t always do the job. Most people choose either cool or warm colours for the entire house. You can walk an unbeaten path instead by choosing cool earthy tones, muted browns and a warm colour palette to create an interesting, intermingled ambience. Blending tiny proportions of warm textures with cool shades is great home décor innovativeness. Also, natural textures bring out the absolute calm features in your home.

It’s only Words…

How about adorning your 2BHK flat with a deluge of words? Instead of focusing on knick-knacks, you can go for famous quotes, verses and lines from songs in the form of frames. making it the focal point of your interior design concept will make your home truly unique and give a glimpse into your thoughts like nothing else can. 

Wood n’ Wicker 2BHK Flat of Yours!

Wooden accents add rustic warmth to a space. Even a small interior décor such as a dangling wooden design on a wall is a smart architectural way to enhance the look. Use tiny wooden baskets to bring out sharper texture. Wicker and comfy chairs or stools could be paired up and placed near a window to create an intimate, cosy feel. A wooden coffee table placed on a decorative warm coloured rug will take its allure to a new level.

Antiques to Prove that Old is Gold

Assimilating antiques and collectibles as a mode of home decor brings texture, accents and a sense of enchanting vintage feel right in your home. It is also a golden opportunity to display your timeless family inheritances and pieces in your home. 

Dim the Lights

Opt for soft lights and ditch the overhead, bright bulbs to create the ultimate warm, peaceful vibe in your home. Place a variety of lamps in different corners and places of the houses and use lampshades for the maximum welcoming finish.  Try to incorporate natural light as much as you can in your house. If you can, keep your windows as uncovered for as long as possible to let natural light in. Low watt string lights or fairy lights are also a good interior design alternative to line up your walls with dim series of light. 

Show Off Your Books

Make books the core theme of your entire house if you happen to be a bookworm. A bookshelf as a centrepiece or a towering, ceiling-to-floor, stocked wooden bookshelf in your 2BHK flat is a great way to fill up the wall space. Alternatively, you can also stack up two or three books on your coffee table or nightstand.  A quiet reading nook in a room, fully equipped with fluffy blankets and a plush cushion is a great way to use up corner spaces. A special home décor tip- to go the extra mile, add in a hanging chair!

Bring in Your Fresh Friends

Scatter a few potted, live plants or succulents all around your home for an extra relaxing vibe coupled with purer air and also to make your home décor concept stand out in the crowd. A contrast between the shades of lush green with textured wood and muted brown shades is sure to leave people speechless.   

Take your pick from the above and get set to adorn your 2BHK flat; it’s your life, your way. Make sure you leave no stone unturned to make your home truly unique and special. 

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