Vishal Nagar is one of those sophisticated and highly developed areas near Pimple Nilakh, Pune, where you will find the real meaning of comfort and modern infrastructure. This area is loaded with facilities that are a requirement of today’s modern lifestyle. These facilities include beautiful parks, restaurants, banks, schools, and hospitals. This place is very convenient for the business as well as service class individuals because it is very close to the IT hub of Pune city. From the kids to the old, every age group will find one or the other thing according to their area of interest at this place.

Vasupujya Corporation is one of the renowned Real-Estate companies which operate its functions in Pune, Mumbai, and Vadodara. More than two decades old, this company has its headquarters located in Pune, Maharashtra. This company is best known for providing excellent customer service across the state. It has the satisfaction of giving thousands of customers with their dream home. It is still working to make its service better with each passing day.

The apartments built under the supervision of Vasupujya Corporation are spacious, affordable, and constructed to meet the needs of modern individuals. Neco Hellscape, Neco Skypark, Neco Gharkul, Venus Nook are some of the popular projects of Vasupriya Corporation.

Neco Alpha is a grade ‘A’ commercial undertaking by Vasupujya Corporation in Vishal Nagar near Pimple Nilakh. Let’s have a look at some specifications and amenities provided by the company in this ravishing building.

Safety and security

The building is constructed with Earthquake proof technology to keep its customers safe. It has CCTV coverage over and private areas of the building. It also has its fire fighting system as per local building code.


The building is fully plastered from inside as well as outside. The builders have used Double coat sand faced external grade plaster to protect the building from any cracks and penetration of water from one side to another. It has two automatic passenger lifts with a stainless steel finish. It also has a plumbing provision for the pantry on each floor and service slab for air-conditioning units on each floor.

Eco- Friendly

 The building is also proposed with the 45 kW solar PV systems. Through this system, the building will be able to generate its power by just getting a few hours of sunlight, which is available free of cost from the sun. This will reduce not only the value of the power supply but also an eco-friendly measure toward protecting the future.

Spacious parking area

It has a vast mechanical car parking system with 60 two-wheeler open parking spaces.


It has Energy efficient glass facade which meets the energy conservation standards. The building has five floors with a terrace and a standard toilet on each floor. The first floor is 1920sqft wide while the other levels are 2450 sqft wide.

If you are looking for a property in Vishal Nagar, Pimple Nilakh, for setting up your office, you can consider renting Neco Alpha commercial project by Vasupujya Corporation.


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