An office is a reposeful place where you perform day-to-day business activities, conduct meetings, and implement creativity in your work. We generally spend more than 8 hrs in office and many times we feel bored or we’re out of energy and do not wish to work further in the day. To tackle such scenarios, many companies these days are using innovative ideas for office spaces, cultivating a lively environment, making it bright and happy. This includes developing flexible spaces & common areas, a dash of creativity and inspiration. 

Let us have a look at some creative ideas for office spaces:

It is said that you are a product of your environment, so choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. The facilities & office managers world over are deliberating on how can they set up office interiors that are not just a place to shelter all employees, but one that’s a strategic tool for productivity, collaboration, growth and creates soothing environment?

office ideas

Hot-Desking (No Assigned Seating):

Hot desking simply means no one in the office has an assigned desk or seating area. With wireless internet, laptops, and tablets around, employees don’t necessarily need to be chained to a single desk. However for this to work, a company should take special care to create spaces in the office that can easily be reconfigured for different tasks and evolving teams.

Overlap Zones:

Here team members from different teams are sitting together making way for more collaborative efforts. Creating opportunities for unplanned interactions among employees both inside and outside the organization actually improves performance.

Music Rooms:

When the company fosters a positive culture, the employee productivity increases. A music room will give the employees a place to blow off steam at work. For the musically inclined, going into the company music room to playing music alone or with co-workers is one way to do it. And please ensure for the non-musically inclined, the music room is super soundproofed ;-).

You may even have high-end music equipment like drums, guitars, keyboards, AV equipment, microphone stands etc. When it deems fit, the employees may well organize an in-house show too.

Cork Board Walls:

Not all but, some of the walls can be covered with cork boards for employees to decorate them as per their choice. They can pin their family photos, off-site photos, appreciation notes, drawings, quotes or whatever they like. 

Clipboards on Walls:

Decorating walls with clipboards is an affordable and unique idea. The employees can clip anything in them: be it an inspirational image, an important meeting schedule, personal or office photographs.

Chilling Area:

This should be the most special space in your office. Sometimes employees need a break not just from work but also from the boring surroundings. You may add a mini golf course area, café tables and some other games which can help in refreshing the mood. 

Open Areas:

An open space like a terrace, courtyard or big gallery with sitting arrangement would more than make up for the stuffy cubicles and meeting rooms. No matter how small it is, it will surely make a positive impact on the team. It should be accessible to employees all the time so that they can freely get fresh air anytime.

Plants & Greenery in offices:

Spending time around nature, sunlight and greenery is good for the soul. But now, there’s scientific research to back that claim. Adding plants and greenery to the office decor can help increase employee productivity considerably. Office landscaping helps the workplace become a more enjoyable, comfortable place to be. Natural light and greenery does a great job in diminishing monitor glare and reducing eye strain.

Creative office spaces inspire and motivate you to bring your best to the fore . That’s one idea that will keep creativity, energy and spirits high.