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With the Coronavirus global pandemic in the world, many governments have announced the complete lockdown around the globe. Since the virus is spreading through close human contact, going outside of the house is not safe. To stop this from spreading further; therefore, avoiding social gathering becomes necessary. India is also going through the lockdown to stop the disease from entering the third stage that is at the community level.

Well, staying at home all the time of the day could also have several ill effects on the mental and physical health of people.

Here are some tips for maintaining health and happiness in this lockdown:

lockdown healthy tips

Take a balanced diet for immunity

Taking a balanced diet is very important not only for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind. Taking healthy food helps in stabilizing as it releases energy slowly. Avoid as much processed and packed food as possible because it contains high amount of sugar and other preservatives that are indeed not good for health. Also include Amla and other citrus fruits as they contain high amount of vitamin C that helps in boosting the immunity.

Make sure to take sufficient sleep

Sound sleep is another important thing for maintaining a healthy body. It not only helps in getting rid of mental stress and tiredness but also reduces the risk of obesity and chronic diseases. It is even found in many research studies that seven hours of sleep is necessary for an average adult. If you are troubled in getting sleep, you can follow certain remedies such as doing meditation before going to sleep. And also, avoid watching television or using laptops, computers, and cell phones before going to bed as they emit blue light that disturbs the sleeping cycle of an individual.

Do exercise regularly

Doing workout has good effects on the mental and physical health of a person. It makes the body active, flexible and also reduces stress. According to many fitness experts, you should do exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day for the best results. There are many exercises that you can perform at home without using equipment. Some of them are-

  • Yoga/meditation
  •  Planks
  • Squats
  • Crunches
  • Push-ups
  • Sits-ups

Many fitness trainers and dancers are running many online fitness shows during this period of lockdown, and some of them are without any subscription charge. You can learn from them as well.

cooking during lockdown

Learn new skills sets

There are many things that we wish to learn in our life, such as cooking, gardening, stitching, or learning a new language. But because of lack of time and due to a tight schedule, we are unable to. During this lockdown period, you are getting an opportunity to learn these new skills. Make sure you use this time in the best possible way. You can also develop new hobbies such as reading books and magazines. You can find so many interesting books and autobiography of many famous personalities easily on many free book reading apps.

Go social on social media

Since we all are fighting the coronavirus, meeting people in person is not possible. But that doesn’t mean we cannot spend some virtual time with our friends. You can schedule a video call with your group of friends on Skype or other apps.

Do fun activities inside your home to entertain yourself

There are so many fun activities that you can do during the lockdown that will not only help you to stay away from boredom but also allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones. You can binge watch movies or play indoor games such as ludo, puzzles, and chess. It will not only help in passing your time but also make your mind sharp. You can help in cooking, cleaning, and other household chores too.

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