Choosing the right office space for lease could be a difficult task. Before leasing or renting a place you need to consider many aspects and prospects of the business world. If you think only a big space is required for an office then you are wrong. The place where you work decides the growth of your business. It also affects your goodwill. From location to the landlord you need to consider everything, before making any decision. In this article, we will discuss things you need to keep in mind before considering any office space for lease. Also, we will study how Neco Alpha can meet all your office requirements.


Location plays a significant role in deciding the future of any business. Your office should be located near a public utility area or a famous landmark. The place chosen by you should be comfortable for your clients and employees. It will help in increasing your reputation.  Alpha Neco is a Grade ‘A’ commercial building in the Vishal Nagar of Pune city. The area is vast in residential as well as commercial developments. This place will meet all your office space for lease requirements in terms of location. 


The kind of facilities you need in your business also determines your office place for lease. For instance, you want an office for the opening of a call center. Then the facility of strong network signals becomes a necessity for your office set up. Here, at Neco Alpha, the builders have taken great care of the technical as well as other business requirements.


Constructed with the highest quality material; the building has five floors with a terrace. The area of the first floor is 1920 sq ft while other floors are 2450 sq ft. The Neco Alpha is covered with the highest quality glass which gives the building an attractive look. It also has a plumbing provision for the pantry and service slab for air-conditioning units on each floor. Apart from two automatic stainless steel lifts, the building has its fire fighting system and CCTV coverage, which ensures the safety of the people. The interior of the building is also beautifully designed. Therefore, you can say Neco Alpha is the best office place for lease in Vishal Nagar.


Many clients and employees use their own vehicles for transportation purposes. It increased the need for sufficient parking space near the office building. Alpha Neco has 20 independent mechanical car parking systems and 60 two-wheeler open parking spaces which can easily fulfill the parking requirements.


The image of the landlord and its relation with the clients also plays quite a big role in deciding the office space for lease. Alpha Neco is a commercial undertaking of the Vasupujya Corporation. It is a well known Pune based real- estate company known for providing vast customer services at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is the major focus of this more than twenty-five years old construction giant. Office space for lease from such a great service provider could be the best option for you.


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