Many areas of the Pune city of Maharashtra are growing fast as the suburbs because of the development of a large number of IT parks and commercial projects in recent years. The employment opportunities have created the demand for a large number of residential projects. With the wide variety of facilities, many housing projects in a different area of the town are being carried out. This makes people confused as to which place they should buy their dream home.

In this article, we will do a comparative study of the two fastest-growing locations of Pune, namely, Mohammadwadi and Undri Pisoli. We will also have a look at the different perks of living in these two places and which one is better. So without wasting time, let’s begin.


No doubt, Undri Pisoli has emerged as the hot property resident market in Pune. The demand for houses and apartments is increasing at a fast rate because of the development of a large number of IT Parks and commercial projects. Many schools and multi-specialty hospitals surround the place. Still, the thing that keeps this place a little backward is not so satisfactory public transportation services and especially the level crossing near the Sayyed Nagar that leads to Magarpatta and Hadapsar.

The transport facility in Mohammadwadi is quite good. It is well connected via buses, trains and public transport in the locality.


Greenery hot-spot of nature

Both Undri Pisoli and Mohammadwadi are gifted with the eye-captivating and magnifying views of life. People love to spend most of the time of their days, especially the weekend in enjoying the heartwarming picture of the greenery. But what makes the latter more unique is the greenery hotspot, which is more beautiful than Undri Pisoli. Mohammadwadi is even protected under government regulations.

Increasing property rates

The price range in Undri Pisoli lies in the field of rupees 4062-5989 sq ft while the average is Rs 5025 sq ft.

The price range of Mohammadwadi lies in the field of rupees 4588-7020 sq ft with an average price range of Rs 5804 sq ft. This is relatively higher than the Undri Pisoli area and has a great chance of increasing further, which makes this place more suitable for earning a higher return and, therefore, a good option for investment.

Well, both the places are flourishing at a fast pace and are unique in their own ways. Still, it can be seen that Muhammadwadi is comparatively better to Undri Pisoli in terms of transportation, greenery, and high property growth rate.


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