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The COVID-19 pandemic had brought businesses in Pune, like everywhere else, to a near standstill. Many commercial spaces and offices in Pune are currently operating at minimal capacity due to the lockdown. Everyone is reeling under the havoc unleashed by the contagion and trying to figure out how to bounce back. If you have your own business in Pune, you must be familiar with prominent business hubs in various parts of the city. Apart from offering space to business houses on lease or ownership, they also cater to professionals looking for co-working spaces (common space at premises where people from different companies sit together and work). Commercial spaces in Pune have also been facilitating this arrangement, which is slated to become common after lockdown as a cost-cutting measure.

Neco Alpha

Exploring New Avenues to Start Afresh

Commercial spaces in Pune offer a host of amenities and services that allow professionals to operate optimally. For instance, Neco Alpha, a detached, exclusive Grade ‘A’ commercial G+5 building at Vishalnagar, Pimple Nilakh. The complex offers modern, well-equipped space suitable for industries like IT, BFSI, BPO, and KPO. Its premises are also ideal for business organizations to set up their corporate headquarters and also for individuals seeking co-working space. Right now, if you’re figuring out the way forward for your business post lockdown, you can definitely consider Neco Alpha for new beginnings. A state-of-the-art commercial office space provider located at the convergence point of numerous business hubs like Baner waked and others are the perfect location to start afresh. Apart from that, have a look at the tips given below that’ll help you revitalize your business in Pune:


Adopt Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing with Renewed Vigour

 The pandemic forced virtually everyone- right from students, professionals, and even celebrities to learn, work, and connect with people online. For people engaged in business, digital marketing, and social media marketing bridged the gap between them and their customers. It does not seem likely that the COVID-19 situation will be resolved soon.  These forms of marketing are the ideal way for companies previously operating from commercial spaces in Pune and elsewhere to reach out to customers without physical proximity. More and more people are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for communication, entertainment, and business. Although we are likely to switch back to the lifestyle we had earlier and do business as we did before, digital marketing and social media marketing will become a norm.


Innovation- the Key to Grow Business

The post-COVID world will be very different from what it has been so far. People will think and operate in a very different way. You’ll have to grab the attention of existing clients as well as potential customers to associate with you. For that, you’ll have to project your products/ services and yourself in a captivating way so that they do not consider associating with other companies. People will be hesitant to spend money and will keep looking at ways to cut down on expenses. You need to devise a sound business strategy accordingly so your business gains momentum and makes up for the loss due to the lockdown.

Taking these steps in keeping with the trends, changes would be necessary to start anew. A lot of unexpected things will become the new norm in the coming times. We need to acknowledge that and step ahead on a positive note accordingly.

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