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Mohammadwadi, a suburban region of southern Pune, is now a greatly sought-after residential destination of the IT city. It is truly a phenomenal symbol of achievement, growth and eminence that a rather modest place can attain with smart planning and effort. Real estate in Pune has witnessed a massive growth as it is one of the biggest IT cities to India. People from across the country and even from overseas have been coming to Pune to explore promising job prospects in various industries here. While some arrive on temporary basis, others have decided to settle permanently in the city. This demand has generated a great demand for homes in Pune.

While some areas in Pune saw development in earlier stages and gained complimentary reputation, places like Mohammadwadi are also making it big as a favoured destination. Emerging as a strategic location in terms of both, it has an elegant residential lifestyle as well as job opportunities. It is also regarded as a cleaner, greener and natural locale that has been maintained commendably well. The locality is perceived as a fresh breath of natural energy which does not pose health hazards due to pollutants and other threats.Home buyers looking for 2 BHK flats in Pune are discovering the advantages of buying residential property in Mohammadwadi.

Why Buyers looking for homes in Pune prefer Mohammadwadi


Affordability of residential properties and world-class amenities further motivate buyers looking for homes in Pune to head to Mohammadwadi.

A number of impressive residential projects have been coming up here since some time. Whether buyers want to choose from good 2 BHK flats in Pune or something bigger or even smaller, there’s something for everyone.

People having modest budget as well as those with bigger buying capacity are able to find the right place to live here. All that is needed on part of the home buyer is taking the final decision and action to move in here. A number of multinational companies have also opened their offices in Mohammadwadi. It has given further stimulus to the growth of this location. It has now become one of the most favoured destinations for people looking for permanent residence to settle in right away as well as for investment purposes. Moreover, Mohammadwadi boasts of residences that suit budgets of all sizes- affordable as well as luxurious. 


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Factors Pronouncing Mohammadwadi as one of the Best Areas to live in Pune


Over the years, Mohammadwadi has been evolving as an IT hub and home to a large number of industries. A number of well-known companies have opened their offices and factories here. It has generated a lot of job opportunities for people across industries and sectors. Amenities like good educational institutes, hospitals, shopping complexes and markets make this place a go-to location. Also, most of the residential complexes here have been thoughtfully crafted with a view to offer residents a perfect balance in professional and personal life.

Vast, sprawling spaces like parks, gardens, children’s play area and even Yoga bay are built in most residential projects. Improvement in transportation facilities and connectivity has also been in full swing since quite a while. Abundant natural landscape and preservation of green spaces by the government in this area completes the picturesque image of perfection further. It would be no exaggeration to say that Mohammadwadi is the place where you can find your dream house, and also realize all your dreams.

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