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Home Buying is unquestionably a special milestone that all of us desire to achieve. Buying your new abode in a sought-after metropolitan like Pune, especially if you’re on the threshold of picking and choosing from 1 & 2 BHK flats in Mohammadwadi, NIBM in Pune, would make the feeling all the more special.

While drawing up a list of the most important aspects you need to priorities while buying an apartment, make sure you decide which floor ranks high up in your list. In fact, a number of homebuyers give more weightage to the floor available in a residential project than the area they’ll be moving into. After all, it’s more about your comfort, convenience and safety. 

If you are planning to buy a new flat but are undecided which floor to choose, give a long, leisurely thought to all the possible factors before taking the call.

Here are the factors that you must definitely ponder over and then choose the floor for yourself:

Residing on Higher Floors


  • Safety: Comparatively less chances of theft, unwanted visitors, hawkers etc. at higher levels. Also, there’s little or no nuisance of insects, mosquitoes, rats.               
  • Breezy, Fresher Air and Brightness: A major attraction for most people for a rejuvenating, salubrious lifestyle. Offers excellent cross-ventilation too.
  • Visual Appeal: Breath-taking views of surroundings
  • Little Disturbance: Street noise and traffic, noise pollution don’t impact upper floors much


  • Dependency on elevators: Occurrences like power failure in case of non-functional elevators can be greatly inconvenient. Inconvenient for Elderly Family Members.
  • Greater Risk in Emergency Situations: Evacuation in case of emergency is most difficult for residents of the top floor.
  • Shifting Heavy Luggage, Furniture Difficult: Moving furniture, new items and essentials is very difficult.
  • Higher Electricity Bills in Summers: More heat and sunlight exposure at top floors increases power consumption at higher floors

Residing on Ground and Lower Floors:


  • Comfortable Accessibility
  • Easier for movement from home
  • Better access to amenities and facilities 
  • No Exertion for Climbing Stairs 
  • Less dependency on elevators
  • Shifting Heavy Articles Relatively Simple: Moving heavy items like furniture, luggage, etc. far easier on lower floors
  • Less chances of water supply issues: A major advantage that homebuyers don’t want to miss out on
  • Easier for safety in case of an emergency: Vacating in case of a disaster much easier
  • Cool in Summers: Low story homes stay relatively cooler


  • Higher Risk of insects, break-ins or unwanted visitors, 
  • Lesser natural light: Lights, lampts, etc. have to be used during day time too
  • More Noise Pollution and disturbance 
  • Privacy Concerns: Greater need for residents of lower floors to cover windows curtains

It’s crucial to consider these factors acutely as they address diverse concerns. These aspects affect individual homebuyers in different ways, hence make sure you take into account all these points, weigh the pros and cons deeply and then decide which floor you must choose.

Unparalleled 1 & 2 BHK Flats in Mohammadwadi, NIBM


Home Buying

Pune’s leading construction company, Vasupujya Corporation welcomes astute homebuyers to have a glimpse into Neco Beaumont, a residential project par excellence, located at NIBM Annexe. 

Neco Beaumont offers luxurious, sprawling 1, 2 BHK homes in 3P+12 storey residential towers steeped in ultra-lavish amenities amidst rolling open spaces. In addition, it even offers you  bonus features, extra utilities like special personal spaces for family members and more at no extra cost. Located in PMC limits, the project also offers all the facilities and comforts and conveniences you seek, such as connectivity with other prominent locations, modern facilities, ease of commute and more.

To live a picture-perfect idyllic life in Pune, choose a splendid home at the right floor suitable to you in a perfect residential project like Neco Beaumont, and you’re sorted. 

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