Home decor tips for 1 BHK

Everyone owning a 1 BHK home always wonder how to make it look more spacious? Because management of space in a 1 BHK home has critical significance if you own one. Utilizing smaller spaces in an ideal and creative manner will enhance their size and look. By following minimalist interior design tips and clever space planning for storage, you can make your home look bigger. Cities like Mumbai and Pune are expensive and not many people can afford houses of 2 BHK configuration and above.

Let us explore home decor tips to create more space in your 1 BHK home and hacks for a home that will help you configure it to your lifestyle even with the limited space.

Smart ways to reinvent your 1 BHK for a spacious look

  • Create an illusion

The following tips can trick the mind into believing that the room is more spacious than it looks such as:


  1. Mirrors: Placing mirrors at strategic positions can do wonders at making your home seem big. By creating a focal point and pointing the mirror towards it can create an illusion of depth. The mirrors may face any source of natural light, making your room brighter. The mirror may be placed not just on the walls but also on the cupboards, kitchen cabinet, etc. 
  2. See-through décor: Having see-through décor like curtains in your bathroom, transparent glass tables, or furniture will automatically make the room seem bigger. Using floor-to-ceiling curtains will also add an extra illusion of a wider room.

See through decor

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  • Vertical Spaces

Keep the floor clear and make the most of the wall space. You may use the wall height and add tall bookcases, cabinets, bookshelves, foldable beds, and foldable tables. Hang an art piece in a glass frame that will create reflection and make space feel more expansive.

Using vertical space

Opt for wide and long furnishings like long curtains, wide shelves, etc. Anything that draws the attention upwards makes the room feel bigger so if you use wallpapers for the ceiling, it will make the room look more spacious. High raised shelves free up floor space giving the illusion of space and room for display.

  • Flexible/Foldable Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is the smartest way to minimize furniture at home. A dining table can also act as a study table or can be folded back along the wall. Similarly, you may keep folding chairs, flip-flop tables to enhance the available space.

You can also opt for a foldable bed. Opt for the furniture which is lower to the ground. This will create a sense of more roominess. Pick furniture that has high raised or visible and sturdy legs. Also, when picking furniture to ensure that it has a storage cabinet within itself. That way you will have a place to store items like old clothes, books, etc.

There are several sleek and elegant collapsible furniture options, such as a sofa cum bed that you can roll out only when you need it. Invest in a foldable dining table that can be laid-out only when you’re sitting down for meals. This will save you a lot of space.

  • Colors

Having the right colors can add depth and space to any small area. Neutral colors like white, beige, light brown, grey, and cream create a magical effect in a small room and cause an illusion of a wider space. Use these colors on the ceiling and the walls of a room to create a sense of continuity.


Keep the bolder colors to accent walls; rich blue can emulate regality, while green hues reflect natural light, making your space appear cozy and airy. The combination of neutrals and bold pops of color lend a soft and clean touch to your home and make it feel clean and fresh. Use dark colors for the furniture and that too minimal. 

  • Efficient Storage Space

Efficient storage space

A cluttered home will look congested, big or small. Though a small space does not provide the luxury of having a range of storage facilities, you may use the available space to its maximum. Your furniture like the sofa, center table, and even bed can have additional space below it. The kitchen cabinets could pull out into levels of storage thereby providing more space for the utensils and the kitchen cleaning supplies. Build cabinets on top of the fridge, under the washbasin, or a sink for easy maintenance.

  • Miscellaneous


You may install a slim TV unit that offers options to stow away your letters, documents, etc. The horizontal surfaces can also be used to display decor or your book collection.


So for the owners/residents of 1 BHK flats in Pune or any other city, the above-said handy tips will lend a spacious look to their small homes. Get going now!

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