Know your project – Neco Beaumont

What sets Neco Beaumont apart from others? What does the team at Vasupujya Corporation do differently to benefit our customers?

Building structure with longer life and eco-friendly materials

The reinforced cement concrete (RCC) structure at Neco Beaumont is made using 50% GGBS substitution in place of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). By reducing the amount of OPC we use in concrete, the structure is stronger as well as eco-friendlier. We will be preventing the emission of around 3200 tonnes of carbon dioxide (equivalent to planting 6400 trees), by using such type of concrete for Neco Beaumont.

What is GGBS?

GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag) is a cementitious material that is a by-product of the blast furnaces used to make iron.


Advantages of using GGBS in concrete

GGBS’s inherent chemistry gives it several advantages over OPC such as:

  • Longer life due to better durability and resistance to chemical attacks
  • Better fire resistance
  • Higher compressive and flexural strength 
  • Reduced thermal shrinkage cracks due to lower heat of hydration
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