As India’s prominent metropolitan city home to major Indian and foreign multinational companies, Pune has emerged as a top-notch destination hosting key industrial zones and corporate offices. Over the years, leading business organizations have established their corporate offices in the city. It would be no exaggeration to say that this development has put Pune in the spotlight of the global map. 

Since the city is drawing interest from several quarters, the need for equipping its corporate hubs and facilities with world-class standards was felt right from the start.  From day one, real estate developers recognized the need for focusing on creating world-class office spaces in PuneThe bar of office spaces in Pune had to be elevated, so they matched the finest standards globally. This development has also been the key to a massive transformation that has swept the landscape of Pune. It is reflected in the way office spaces have been shaping up in the city- being in sync with the latest modern facilities and amenities that top corporate houses don’t compromise on.

Awe-inspiring Amenities Integrated Impeccably in Office Spaces in Pune 


One of the most striking aspects surrounding the office spaces in Pune is lush greenery and scenic views. Natural setting as the backdrop of a place takes its vibes on a different plane altogether. Add to that a slew of sophisticated amenities at the workplace which are a mark of exclusive workspaces that are also a must-have for professionals in today’s age.

Here is a glimpse into the amenities you’ll find in office spaces in Pune, which make these workspaces truly exclusive:

  • Spacious space: Spacious, bright, and well-planned premises as well as individual offices
  • Elegant interiors: Refined, modish furnishings, design, and furniture 
  • Parking space: Sprawling parking area at a convenient location
  • Conference facilities: Well-equipped conference rooms with hi-tech arrangements
  • Modern technological facilities: State-of-the-art equipment and conveniences at each step 
  • Efficient WiFi connection: Free high-speed WiFi connection in every part
  • Fitness centers: For keeping fit and maintaining an active routine at work
  • Cafeterias: Perfect place to wind down at and relish tasty, hygienic food
  • Tasteful, Robust Structure Exterior: Top-grade double coat sand-faced exterior grade plaster used in construction.
  • Elevators: Sophisticated, safe, high-speed lifts 
    • Hi-Tech Air-Conditioning: Service slab for air-conditioning units set up on each floor
    • RCC Framed structure: Blend of concrete and steel reinforcement merged into a single piece to enhance the strength of the structure
    • Superior fire fighting system and CCTV: For utmost safety and security
  • Use of energy-conserving material like glass facades and more.

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Vasupujya Corporation- Benchmark for Impeccable Office Spaces in Pune



Vasupujya Corporation, a renowned real estate development firm having a laudable presence in Pune and beyond, has been developing exquisite commercial and residential projects since 1980. It is a name to reckon with, well-known for creating unmatched real estate properties at affordable prices. Superior quality amenities, services of accomplished professionals in the field, and perfection are the hallmarks Vasupujya Corporation adheres to uncompromisingly. 

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Neco Alpha, an A-list standing commercial complex built by Vasupujya Corporation at Vishalnagar in Pimple Nilakh, embodies all the advantages that top-rung corporations look for. The project has all the makings of a perfect workplace that caters to the needs of companies across industries interested in setting up an office in Pune. Neco Alpha offers all the exclusive amenities, which makes it a highly preferred choice for leading companies looking to set up high-quality workspaces in Pune. 

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