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As the world steers through the challenges arising from Covid19 even in 2021, we hope that mass vaccinations will curb the spread and help us get back on feet soon. As most of us are working from home, Vasupujya Corporation is happy to introduce this newsletter to all our customers, channel partners and well-wishers. We shall share glimpses about our project’s construction progress as well as infrastructure development around. Customers shall also benefit from the design ideas that will be presented from different interior designers in each newsletter.
Know Your Project
Building structure with longer life and eco-friendly materials
The reinforced cement concrete (RCC) structure at Neco Beaumont is made using 50% GGBS substitution in place of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). By reducing the amount of OPC we use in concrete, the structure is stronger as well as eco-friendlier. We will be preventing emission of around 3200 tonnes of carbon dioxide (equivalent to planting 6400 trees), by using such type of concrete for Neco Beaumont.
What is GGBS?
GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag) is a cementitious material which is a by-product from the blast-furnaces used to make iron.
Advantages of using GGBS in concrete
GGBS’s inherent chemistry gives it several advantages over OPC such as:
  • Longer life due to better durability and resistance to chemical attacks
  • Better fire resistance
  • Higher compressive and flexural strength
  • Reduced thermal shrinkage cracks due to lower heat of hydration
Source: https://www.jswcement.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/JSW-GGBS-Technical-Data-Sheet.pdf
A Building – 45% RCC completed
B Building – 85% RCC completed, 60% brickwork completed.
Outside the Project – The 24m DP road is partly completed with 8m two-lane road tarring done. The PMC drinking water and MNGL gas pipelines have been laid. With support from the local corporator, the total four-lane roadworks can be expected to complete before the monsoons.
My home – As imagined by SpaceMax
With every newsletter, we will share unique design plans from different interior designers. Feel free to reach out to them for more details. In this newsletter, we’re introducing – SpaceMax, who excel in providing space planning solutions for optimum space utilization.
SpaceMax Indoor Solutions Pvt Ltd www.spacemax.in
Contact Person – Mr. Himanshu Goel (+91-9096581127)
Master Bedroom of your Dreams!
This is the room which you look forward to come and relax after a tiring day. This is your private area where you enjoy a good night sleep or wake up with your bed tea with morning news. The design elements should bring peace in your mind and furniture should know your lifestyle. Each element is designed to keep you and your requirements in mind. That’s how Spacemax can be differentiated from others.
Kid's Bedroom
Give your Kids more space to play and study, with durable easy to use and customizable smart furniture. Based on patented murphy bed technology, an easy to lift Wallbed saves 60% of room space. Room has all the functional furniture along with lot of free space!
Living + Dining
Lively Living area with smart dining and luxurious sofa. Phantom Fold away dining table with integrated wooden chairs. Extremely durable dining and crockery unit designed for every day use. Makes your living and dining area more luxurious with more free space!
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