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After yet another painful period, the nation has overcome the second wave of Covid19. Our prayers go out to those who have lost near and dear ones in this devastating phase. We can hope to avoid the third wave as the pace of vaccinations pick up during the gradual unlocking of the economy. At the project front, we are seeing strong inquiries from customers who have started their home hunting once again. The newly constructed 24m DP road has become a vital link road and is seeing good traffic each day. The Pune Municipal Corporation has also approved another DP road adjoining our project to connect directly to Hadapsar-Handewadi road, which will reduce the travel time and distance to the IT Parks nearby. These infrastructure developments will enhance the connectivity of Neco Beaumont residents and boost the real estate value. We hope that you find this edition of the newsletter informative and enjoyable to read.
Know Your Project
What sets Neco Beaumont apart from others? What does the team at Vasupujya Corporation do differently to benefit our customers?
Superior Water Proofing by using Damp Proof Course in our Brickwork
This is a common sight across many homes today - Water leaks and seepages on the wall adjoining bathrooms. This typically occurs when the water from the adjoining wet areas of the bathroom seeps from the gaps in the tiles into the tile bedding mortar (machan) and then is absorbed by adjoining walls by capillary action. It is an unpleasant occurrence that causes nuisance to all flat owners.
Damp Proof Course (DPC) At Neco Beaumont
At Neco Beaumont, we have used a Damp Proof Course (DPC) in our brickwork to ensure that our home owners do not face such inconveniences. All the brickwork in the entire flat is laid over 6 inches of a concrete band, which minimizes the capillary action that causes such kind of water seepages. This is no doubt an expensive and laborious activity, but it helps reduce such type of waterproofing problems, which reduce the aesthetic appeal of the home.
A Building – 55% RCC completed, brickwork in progress
B Building – 90% RCC completed, 75% brickwork completed, internal gypsum in progress, electrical work in progress, plumbing work in progress, waterproofing work in progress.
Outside the Project – The 24m DP road is partly completed with 8m two-lane road tarring done. The PMC drinking water and MNGL gas pipelines have been laid. 
My home – As imagined by The Tinted Studio
With every newsletter, we will share unique design plans from different interior designers. Feel free to reach out to them for more details. In this newsletter, we’re introducing – The Tinted Studio, who have designed the flat in a beautiful European theme. The Tinted Studio
Contact Person: Mr. Karan Panchal +91-7769981762
Theme: European
The entire design revolves around clean lines and floating furniture which gives a sense of space management and overall calmness in the theme through small accents in small pockets through simple elements which are of less maintenance making the design user friendly and budget friendly as well.
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