Plants to Have at Home

Home plants usher in an abundance of freshness, good health, and aesthetic beauty. We all know that plants take in carbon dioxide, absorb toxins and give oxygen, which is essential for our survival. 

Keeping plants at home is known to bestow benefits at a multitude of levels. Not only do plants enhance our physical and mental health but are also known to elevate other aspects of our life. Home plants (also known as indoor plants) bestow upon us:

  • Purified, rejuvenated indoor air 
  • Clean, detoxified atmosphere
  • The calmness of mind, better concentration, and reduced stress level
  • Elegant ambiance
  • Improved humidity levels
  • Enhanced creativity and productivity

5 absolutely must-have home plants

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants at home

One of the most popular home plants you spot in most households, the Aloe Vera plant offers several advantages. It is associated with instant medicinal properties known to heal ailments and conditions such as:

  • burns
  • heat
  • scrapes
  • inflammation
  • infections 
  • digestive problems
  • constipation

Aloe Vera is also used widely in the beauty industry for its soothing, fortifying properties. It’s a common ingredient in several skin-care products and is even used in health food items. 

As for its care and maintenance, all you need to do is water it on time, which usually is once in three weeks. It thrives well in moist soil and brightness and doesn’t require bright sunlight for growth.

2. Snake Plant

Snake Plants at home

Contrary to the creepy/eerie name it has, the snake plant is a very popular home plant that is all but threatening. Besides having a rather extraordinary appearance, snake plant appeals to plant owners since it’s known for:

  • Providing clean and filtered indoor air
  • Removing toxins and chemical agents that cause serious diseases like cancer
  • Filtering air pollutants 
  • Fighting allergens
  • Increasing oxygen levels and absorbing carbon dioxide at night 
  • Enhancing your home décor with trendy looks

Tending to snake plants is relatively hassle-free. You just need to water them at the base. You need not worry if there’s little sunlight for days since they can survive in exacting situations, including drought-like conditions.

3. Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil (Tulsi) Plants at home

The ubiquitous Tulsi plant is revered greatly and worshipped daily in most households in India. Apart from having spiritual and religious significance, Tulsi is also known for bestowing a variety of benefits. Being a natural immunity booster, this herb has assumed even more importance in the current pandemic times. People use basil leaves in various forms in health decoctions (kadhas), tea, and other preparations since it has the power to:

  • Fight infections
  • Have antiviral, anti-fungal, and detoxification properties
  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Cleanse cellular waste
  • Offer anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic protection
  • Boost physiological and psychological wellness

Tulsi plant thrives better in warm climates since it is basically a tropical plant. Make sure you water it daily when the top of its surface becomes dry and avoid pouring excessive water to improve its longevity.

4. Money Plant

Money Plants at home

Who doesn’t like adorning window frames and grills with a refreshing whiff of bright green money plant climbers? Known to ward off ill-luck and bless one with abundance and wealth, money plant also showers benefits manifold and:

  • Enhances health and well-being
  • Purifies air 
  • Brings in wealth and prosperity 
  • Acts as a powerful anti-radiator
  • Eases stress, anxiety, and sleeping disorders
  • Livens up your home décor
  • Adds positive vibes all around
  • Is recommended by Vaastu Shashtra and Feng Shui

Caring for your money plant is not a difficult task. You just need to acquaint yourself with conditions favorable to its growth such as:

  • Placing it in indirect sunlight or partial shade
  • Avoiding direct sunlight
  • Rotating the plant to ensure equal exposure to light
  • Watering top layer of its soil 
  • Misting its leaves regularly

5. Your Favourite Flowers

bringing home plants benefits

While home plants are predominantly valued for their fortifying properties and the benefits they offer, you can also choose one inclining more towards aesthetic beauty. Adorn your home sweet home with a flowering plant you love the most such as rose, daisy, chrysanthemum, peace lily and hibiscus, et al. Familiarise yourself with the right way to nurture the flowering plant you choose, team it up with other home plants, and enrich the ambiance of your home to the hilt.

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