Budget friendly apartments in Pune

Buying a home in a major metropolitan like Pune is quite an experience in itself. While some find even the thought of it overwhelming, others feel it’s an exciting discovery that reveals several hidden facets of the city. Irrespective of that, the fact is, your quest for a home in the city of Pune is sure to be successful and rewarding. It’s a city that caters to homebuyers from all walks of life- cutting through different strata and yet yields fruitful results. 

For homebuyers looking for a good budget apartment, Pune offers the widest variety of options, not to mention promising job prospects to match. One of the advantages of buying a home in Pune is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to live in a quality home and neighbourhood. Even a budget apartment in Pune offers an elegant and desirable lifestyle along with the comforts you need.

If you have drawn up your budget correctly, which means you are prepared to handle hidden charges as well since they can crop up anytime, rest assured, you are on the right track. All you have to do next is follow the tips given below to find the right budget apartment in Pune:

Make an Accurate Estimation of Your Budget: It’s natural that the first thing that’ll come up in your mind while buying a new home is your budget. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of the apartment isn’t the only expense that a homebuyer bears. You have to shell out money for a host of procedures and formalities such as 

  • Property registration
  • Stamp duty
  • Maintenance deposit
  • GST
  • Interior cost
  • Preferential charges
  • Parking space
  • Applicable legal charges

and more.

You may term these ‘hidden’ charges which you have to bear at the time of buying a house. These factors increase your expenses to some extent, which means you have to think about the overall scenario and select a house accordingly.

  • Choose the right location 

A location that spells comfort and convenience for all your family members should be prioritized while buying a home in any segment, including budget homes.  Pune is a versatile city where homebuyers can find suitable homes in several locations. You need to have a sharp eye while looking for a home in the right location. Do intensive research, talk to people who are knowledgeable about real estate, and visit different sites personally. Efforts at this scale will definitely go a long way in helping you find your perfect abode.

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  • Documentation 

 Buying a budget apartment in Pune also involves its fair share of documentation. If you are not too confident about handling it all yourself, you can seek help from a legal expert to get the technicalities right. Make sure you acquire all the necessary documents such as:

  • Sale Deed
  • Mother Deed
  • Possession Letter
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Mutation Certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Khata Certificate
  • Possession Letter
  • Allotment Letter
  • Completion Certificate

It’s better to invest time and effort in familiarising yourself with all the necessary documents. Further, you must also know what’s written in the fine print of all the documents so you don’t find yourself in a perilous situation.

  • Land Record

Land records help you know the exact status of the land where your new home will stand. The land for your new home should be registered and be clear of all kinds of dues. It’s also important to see to it that the apartment land is registered as a residential plot. It’s better to know all the land record details before purchasing an apartment and process it accordingly. 


  • Reputation of Builder

A good budget apartment in Pune, like any other project, must be associated with the name of a reputed builder. Apart from credibility, projects developed by leading developers give you peace of mind as you know you are in safe hands.

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Neco Beaumont, a fine residential project in Mohammadwadi (NIBM Annexe) developed by Vasupujya Corporation, is the perfect case in point for budget homebuyers. The project offers well-constructed, spacious 1, 2 BHK homes in residential towers ensconced amidst awe-inspiring premises. Make sure you have a look at this perfect budget residential project before you make the final call.

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