Home Decor Trends to Follow this Monsoon

The monsoon season generally gets mixed responses from people around. Some enjoy the break from the oppressive heat and bask in the lush green environment, while others are put off by the lack of sunlight and puddles all around. But nothing compares to the heavy splashes of rain, tough winds, and droplets on windows, making for pleasant days and nights during the monsoon. 

Though frequent showers bring a sense of joy and romance into our lives, they also get a musky smell and gloomy skies. However, there is a dull and dreary aura that envelopes their homes during the monsoon season. But following some tricks and tips, you may enjoy the weather and combat the dullness.

Tips to Add Freshness with Home Decor During Monsoon


1. Thick Doormats

coir doormats

The first and foremost requirement during monsoon season is to trap the dirt entering your home. Rains mean muddy shoes, dirty water, drenched umbrellas, and raincoats. You must have jute/coir doormats in dark colors that camouflage the dirt and mud. This way you may ensure that your home remains dry and fresh throughout the season. 


2. Add Colour to Living Space

Drive out the gloominess of your home with a pop of color. When monsoons hit they can get quite gloomy and sometimes affect your mood. Colors are a great way to enliven your space. A living room is one place where you tend to spend a lot of time with family or friends.

colorful pillows

Brighten up the place with colorful pillows & bedsheets, bean bags, etc. Vibrant colors like orange, pink, and sunny yellow can give your home a brighter and open look, lifting your spirits immediately. Get some vibrant cushion covers for your sofa, after all, colors impact how we feel too. Beat the dullness of the monsoon by bringing in fresh, colorful decor elements.


3. Fresh Flowers/ Potted Plants

Potted plants and flowers add a dash of color and a whiff of freshness indoors. They add to the cheer and positivity of the interiors. Get some fragrant flowers- the gorgeous lilies, jasmine, roses, and more that’ll add a fresh vibe to your home.

fragrant flowers

Monsoon season is the best time to grow your own set of greens, be it indoors or outdoors. Dig out your vases, bring in planters and place them into vacant corners and give your home a timeless look.


4. Perfumed Candles

Perfumed Candles

The monsoon season, as much as you love it, does leave the smell of damp fungi behind. To beat that typical monsoon odor, light a few scented candles around the home. These candles come in various fragrances and add a touch of warmth to your home. Incense sticks are also good alternatives. For the right smelling home, fragrant candles, diffusers, and floating candles are a sure-shot way of making your space look fresh and enchanting. 


5. Swap Curtains

Sheer curtains

Do away with heavy drapes, instead invest in fabrics like sheer or lace that are thin enough to let the sunlight in and are also breathable. Sheer curtains give a light and airy feel to spaces.


6. Light Up The Corners 

floor-standing lamps

During the monsoons, dark corners enhance shadow play and create a gloomy ambiance in the space. Placing floor-standing lamps in these corners gets rids of the shadows and offers a peripheral illumination that brightens up the entire room.



The above-said tips would transform your regular home decor into a vibrant, joyful, and positive space that is monsoon-ready. Don’t let the weather be a dampener to your spirits!

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