The COVID-19 pandemic has struck once again with a renewed vengeance and is showing no signs of withdrawing. Right from the time the virus reared its deadly head last year, we’ve been exploring different ways to face it courageously while staying safe. The lockdown has played a crucial role in enhancing our safety, but prolonged periods of isolation and being cut off from normalcy have hit us hard. Very often, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with the impact that COVID-19 is causing in the world.

5 power-packed tips to maintain mental peace


1. Be Mindful and Conscious

Be Mindful and Conscious

Being mindful means being fully present at the moment and accepting the flow of thoughts as they arise without judging them. It is being aware of our five senses: touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell and being conscious of what we are sensing at the present moment. Mindfulness helps us be at peace and consciously observe and absorb whatever is happening around us right now. Deep breathing, an integral part of mindfulness, helps you gain awareness of deep-level breathing and staying focused on it. Numerous platforms are actively offering courses and guidance in mindfulness, which is helping people overcome stress and anxiety. You can join one of the courses or series of sessions and take a step towards betterment.


2. Following a Healthy Lifestyle

Following a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s time to start pampering our body, mind, and soul without feeling guilty in the midst of the havoc wreaked by the pandemic. Working from home instead of your office is giving people more time on hand. It’s something you’ve needed all along to pay attention to your health and well-being. Make organic changes, eat different foods, and observe how it makes you feel over a period of time. Consume a “clean” diet for two to three weeks, which includes cutting out sugar and processed food from your diet. Start exercising, practicing yoga, and doing meditation regularly with the help of online videos, if need be. Following a balanced diet, coupled with regular exercising also helps with symptoms of depression and anxiety besides keeping fit.


3. Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

Getting rid of clutter is a great way to attain mental peace and also have a cleaner, brighter house. Embark on your lockdown decluttering mission right away, as the result will surely blow your mind. Start by decluttering a corner of any room; try to make the corner as clean as it can be within a few minutes. Start with up to 10 minutes and no more per day in the beginning and increase it gradually. Clutter is known to intensify feelings of stress and negativity. A clean home, on the other hand, grants a more productive mind. Cleaning your home every week along with family members is also a great way to go about it. And why not extend decluttering to negative thoughts and feelings besides unnecessary objects? Mindfulness and focusing on your well-being will be the perfect mental decluttering endeavor that will enrich your home and heart.


4. Learn Something New

Learn Something New

People have been enrolling for a variety of online courses, both free and paid since last year. While some of these courses help you gain academic and professional skills, others hone your hobbies like cooking, painting, playing a musical instrument, etc. You can also get certificates on successful completion of most of these courses, which are indeed valuable. What’s more, some celebrities and experts have also joined the trend, from whom you can learn these skills and upgrade your profile.


5. Listen to Music

Listen to Music

Music is the balm that can heal your mind, heart, and soul in trying times like these.  It is also a stress-buster that creates a gush of dopamine, the happy chemical, in your brain. You can listen to your favorite genre of music and also explore new ones that you couldn’t all along. Music will surely drive away your lockdown blues and feel good, no matter what.


Applying these measures will help you overcome all the anxieties and stress that the COVID-19 virus has brought on, so make it a point to give a shot to these tips.