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Welcome 2022 with style with these Home Décor ideas

Celebrate  NEW YEAR 2022 with joy, cheerfulness, and classic style. Give your new year decoration a little touch of creativity and modern style stating your lifestyle and values. Cozy winters and magical evenings must be accompanied by the aesthetic and vibrant look of your home.  This new year whether you are throwing the most thrilling party, celebrating a lovely Christmas, or hosting a small get-together with your friends and family, light up your place with these amazing home decor ideas.

Welcome the year with joyful colors, a perfect atmosphere, and decors that just feel wow.  Let everyone stop and have a good look at your living room, walls, and decorations that they wish could be in their homes.  

  • Your walls need more art pieces

A wall hanging, craft, or art piece makes a wall more beautiful and gives it more life. The super handy wall hanging pieces are perfect for any occasion as they can be customized as per your needs. Easily accessible, wall hanging crafts are cheaper than paintings or exhibition pieces and makes rooms and places more aesthetic and vibrant. What makes it fit for your home decoration is the wide variety of choices you get for every theme. 

Home Decor Ideas




  • Light your house as you feel every time

Whether it’s your party venue, villa, or a flat in Pune, what makes a setting completely incredible is the lighting. Lighting is the mood setter for everyone. Are you planning to dance the whole night, light your house like it’s a club. Want a calm study session, let the light relax you or if it’s a get together, let light uplift the mood of everyone! This is absolutely perfect home decor ideas for you.

Home Decor Ideas

You can easily place lights according to the theme, and atmosphere using LED lights, candles, bulbs, or dim lights. Nowadays one light system can do all just by instructing it, that could be your best buy for New year 2022. The light changes as your mood changes, making new year’s decorations easy to set. 

  • Decorative clocks

The party starts when the countdown stops. Place a big and decorative clock or a frame of clocks on the center of your home or wall to create the buzz in your new year celebrations. The clocks look vintage and classy giving the idea of a rich lifestyle. Above all, it can be a center of attraction for the rest of the year as your best home décor ideas.

Home decor ideas

You can also put small and simple but beautiful clocks on food tables or on your bookshelf to give your home a different look. 

  • Black and gold is the color of 2022

Use paper garlands, wallpapers, or hanging balls and stars of black and gold color. The color mix of black and gold gives a place a more luxurious look and gives a perfect ambience for dinners, small parties, and better pictures to post on social media. Add a subtle pop of color silver, with your black and gold decorations, and your guest would find it lovely. 


  • Add a little magic of nature

Plants and flower pots never fail to impress. Hanging flower pots, neutral color plant pots placed in balconies, near sofas, and in the hall makes the look more calm and natural. Pots decorated with pebbles, colors, candles, and furniture placed on the side and wallpapers on the back can be used as your home décor ideas for the new year 2022.

Vasupujya Corporation wishing you a happy new year!

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