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Over 70 lakh people in Pune district have received at least 1 dose of the vaccination against Covid19, which suggests that most of the adult population will be fully vaccinated by March 2022. We can hope that Covid19 will become an endemic and normalcy will resume in the coming year.
As per a recent report published by CRE Matrix in association with CREDAI-Pune Metro, sales in South-East Pune have increased by 6% from January-July 2021, compared to the same period in 2019. Interestingly, the average sales price per flat has increased by 15% from 46 lakhs to 53 lakhs, suggesting that property prices and sizes have risen significantly. With the entry of prominent developers like Tribeca, Lodha and K Raheja, Mohammadwadi & NIBM Annexe is well placed to become one of the most premium localities in Pune.
The double laning work for the 24m DP road has begun and that will enhance the connectivity of Neco Beaumont residents and boost the real estate value. We hope that you find this edition of the newsletter informative and enjoyable to read.
The monsoon has transformed the surroundings around Neco Beaumont. Here is the latest aerial view of the adjoining Park & Forest Zone, which is purifying the air for local residents - Bird's View of the Surroundings
Know Your Project
What sets Neco Beaumont apart from others? What does the team at Vasupujya Corporation do differently to benefit our customers?
Larger 800mm x 800mm Double Charged Vitrified Flooring Tiles used at Neco Beaumont
Beige coloured flooring tiles are found across almost every real estate project, but there are many differences in their quality and size that sets them apart. Vitrified tiles are mostly found in two varieties: Glazed vitrified tiles and Double charged vitrified tiles.
Glazed Vitrified Tile (GVT) - Glazed vitrified tiles or GVT are manufactured on a glazed surface and are printed with digital technology, where one can achieve numerous patterns and looks on the tile, such as designs that mimic wood, bamboo, marble and so on. The layer of glaze that is printed on the tile is usually less than 1 mm, which makes them suitable only for areas of low or medium traffic.
Double Charged Vitrified Tile - In double charged vitrified tiles, two colours of pigments are used during manufacturing. The press prints a 3–4mm thick layer of a dual-coloured pattern on the tile. The best part about these tiles is that they are highly durable, maintenance-free and suitable for high-traffic areas.
Whereas the thickness of the polished glazed vitrified tile is less as compared to double charge vitrified tiles. Double charge vitrified tiles are more scratch resistant as compared to polished glazed vitrified tiles. The upper layer of double charge vitrified tile is thicker as compared to polish glazed vitrified tile, which makes this style more durable and stronger than polished glazed vitrified tiles. Obviously, the cost of double charge vitrified tiles is more as compared to polished glazed vitrified tiles.
We believe in providing our customers with a superior product, hence at Neco Beaumont we are using 800mm x 800mm larger expensive double charged vitrified tiles as compared to the commonly used cheaper 600mm x 600mm glazed vitrified tiles.
A Building – 65% RCC completed, 40% brickwork completed, internal gypsum in progress.
B Building – 100% RCC completed, 85% brickwork completed, 75% internal gypsum completed, electrical work in progress, plumbing work in progress, waterproofing work in progress, tiling work in progress.
Outside the Project – The 24m DP road is partly completed with 8m two-lane road tarring done. The PMC drinking water and MNGL gas pipelines have been laid.
My home – As imagined by The Tinted Studio
With every newsletter, we will share unique design plans from different interior designers. Feel free to reach out to them for more details. In this newsletter, we’re introducing – The Tinted Studio, who have designed the flat in a beautiful Bohemian theme. The Tinted Studio
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Contact Person: Architect Karan Panchal +91-7769981762
Theme: Bohemian
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