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Clearly it appears that the Covid19 pandemic is here to stay with new variants emerging and multiple waves recurring on a regular basis. We can only hope that the severity reduces and life is able to return back to normalcy soon. The only way forward would be to get vaccinated and wear masks for our safety.
We are happy to inform everyone that our ‘B’ wing at Neco Beaumont is almost sold out and we will be launching balance units in the ‘A’ wing for sales soon. As the average cost of construction material (Cement, Steel, Tiles, Diesel, etc.) has increased by nearly 40% in the last 1 year, we have increased our current sale prices by 10% and will be launching new inventory at 20% higher prices. We are on target to start the possessions in the second half of 2022 just as we had promised our buyers during the time of their booking.
During the recent inauguration of the newly renovated Mohammadwadi circle, the local corporator had assured residents that PMC water supply for all projects ahead of Delhi Public School should begin by March 2022. We hope that you find this edition of the newsletter informative and enjoyable to read.

Know Your Project
What sets Neco Beaumont apart from others? What does the team at Vasupujya Corporation do differently to benefit our customers?
Safety of Homes at Neco Beaumont
Your home is one where you feel most comfortable and most safe within the confines of your walls. There is a greater degree of security in gated multi-storied building communities compared to individual housing schemes like bungalows and row-houses. Combined with modern mobile applications like MyGate, the entry-exit of all visitors is tracked at our fingertips along with their photographs.
Within the flat itself, many people opt for Video Door Phone facility. While the ability to see a person’s video may provide a sense of security, it doesn’t actually enhance a flat’s safety. That is why at Neco Beaumont, we provide an additional strong wooden safety door with safety grill, along with the main door. This increases the real safety by creating an additional barrier to entry, from where the home buyer can interact with the visitor without opening the door.
The safety grills are spaced optimally such that small items and letter envelopes can be exchanged directly, but it is not possible to put in one’s hands to open the door lock. You can even leave your main door open and enjoy a better cross ventilation across your house though these safety grills.
A Building – 80% RCC completed, 60% brickwork completed, internal gypsum in progress, electrical work in progress, plumbing work in progress, waterproofing work in progress.
B Building – 100% RCC completed, 100% brickwork completed, 100% internal gypsum completed, electrical work in progress, plumbing work in progress, waterproofing work in progress, tiling work in progress.
Project – Main Gate RCC work in progress, compound retaining wall work in progress.
Outside the Project – The 24m DP road is partly completed with 8m two-lane road tarring done. The PMC drinking water and MNGL gas pipelines have been laid.
My home – As imagined by SpaceMax
With every newsletter, we will share unique design plans from different interior designers. Feel free to reach out to them for more details. In this newsletter, we’re introducing – SpaceMax, who excel in providing space planning solutions for optimum space utilization.
SpaceMax Indoor Solutions Pvt Ltd
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